10 project management tools that make your everyday life easier

10 project management tools that make your everyday life easier


Project management tools are a dime a dozen. That has not always been the case, but has to do with the rapid growth of the Internet, with social networks, mobile communication options and cloud computing. In short, the increase in technical possibilities influenced the development of PM tools as well as the increased demands on a solution in terms of functionality and availability. Web and cloud-based tools are becoming increasingly popular. But which one is right for your company? 

Project management tools don’t have to be expensive

Project managers often have few resources at their disposal. You need tools with which the project team can quickly cope with and work productively without a long training period. Comprehensive solutions often exceed the budget and in the end do not do more than cheaper solutions, which are now very numerous and which can make everyday work just as much easier. That means: less time for administration and more time for the really important things like increasing productivity.

The spectrum of project management tools ranges from free tools with basic functionalities to comprehensive enterprise solutions for company-wide use. In the following, we would like to introduce ten of the most popular project management tools that you can use to manage projects more efficiently and make your day-to-day work much easier.

1. Factro

The project management software factro is not only 100% Made in Germany, but above all impresses with its high practical orientation and intuitive operation: You can start straight away without any training period. factro was developed by SCHUCHERT MANAGEMENTBERATUNG in Bochum from over 20 years of experience and knows the reality of life and the requirements of companies like no other tool. In addition to various project views (project structure tree, Gantt chart, Kanban board, task list), factro offers numerous useful features – such as to-do lists, deadline traffic lights, file sharing, tags, links, templates for recurring tasks & projects, performance recording & controlling etc. – to create the best possible agile teamwork and reduce meeting time by up to 80%. In addition, guest users in all tariff levels can be invited free of charge, which is useful for example with customers or suppliers. factro is GDPR- and BDSG-compliant and, unlike many other providers, is hosted exclusively in certified and highly secure data centers of well-known operators in Germany.
The free Basic Cloud is available to a maximum of 10 users. The chargeable team, business and professional versions can be tested for 14 days without obligation. Factro support is happy to help with questions and problems and is available to all users from the Basic Cloud free of charge.

2. Monday

The project management software monday stands out from other project management tools with its simple operation and its individual and clear interface. For each application scenario there is a template that the user can adapt precisely to his needs and work processes. Many complex functions are not available to the user, but Kanban boards or timelines are an integral part of monday. Collaboration is very important, all conversations, briefings and data are saved in one place, saving the user long meetings and e-mail threads. Common collaboration tools such as Slack, Dropbox or GoogleDrive are also part of the integrations. A 14-day trial version is available for free, after which you have to choose one of the different packages,

3. Jira Core

Jira Core is a project management software from Atlassian, founded in Sydney in 2002, which can be used as OnPremise or as a cloud. Every project and task management with Jira Core begins with a workflow. By defining the processes with the help of the workflows, the user is able to track tasks. With the Kanban boards, which are currently only available in the cloud, the user can get an immediate overview of the project and drag and drop tasks to a different status. All status information, comments and attachments are summarized in one place and thus leads to uncomplicated task management. As soon as the user gets a new task, he receives a notification. The cloud offer is available from 11 users from 5 dollars a month,

Many project managers work in an online marketing role. Expand your know-how in the area of ​​strategy, creation, specialist knowledge, project management and controlling and become an irreplaceable marketing manager for your employer.

4. Trello

Trello is a web-based project management software that is also operated by Atlassian. With the Kanban system, all tasks are simply visualized using cards and lists. Tasks are noted on cards, to which the user can attach files using drag-and-drop. The cards can be found in various lists that reflect the current project status. Due to the simple operation, even users without prior knowledge and a long training period can use the tool. The highlight of Trello: the basic version of the tool is free to integrate apps and create teams, while the business version pays 10 dollars per user per month.

5. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a web-based, intuitive and user-friendly task management tool, in which the developers attached great importance to design and individuality, which resulted in a simple user interface. Teamwork is very important at MeisterTask, so the user is always kept up to date on the activities of his colleagues. The Kanban system enables flexible projects of all types and sizes. MeisterTask also integrates seamlessly with MindMeister, the online mind mapping app that allows users to brainstorm in real time. Once the tasks have been defined within the mind map, the user can drag and drop them into a MeisterTask project. With the free task management app for iPhone and iPad, the web application is supplemented and ensures
The basic version of the tool is available free of charge. To create project groups, the Pro version can be purchased for € 8.25 per month per user.

6. Asana

Asana is a web-based work management platform that teams use to focus on their goals, projects, and tasks. Kanban boards make it easy to visualize tasks and by creating a timeline, users can ensure that they meet their deadlines. In addition, emails, files and requests can be managed in Asana with more than 100 integrations possible, including popular tools like Slack, Dropbox and GoogleDrive. The tools also simplify teamwork. In addition, users can ensure that their strategic project goes according to plan by tracking the status of their projects in real time. The business version, which is for teams and companies that have to manage the work of several projects, is available for € 18.75 per user per month.

7. Wrike

With the cloud-based, cross-team project management software, collaboration comes first. This is particularly noticeable in the integrations: Wrike not only integrates the common tools such as Slack, Drobox and GoogleDrive, but also MS Office and Adobe Cloud. Not only that, via live editing and file management, users can track the changes of each individual in real time. With the help of folders and projects, large projects can be easily split into subtasks, so users can easily keep an eye on the progress of the project and the contributions of colleagues. With the help of a Gantt chart, which enables a visual timeline to be created, users can view their schedule and determine dependencies between tasks. The tool is even free of charge for up to 5 users.

8. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management system that integrates seamlessly with popular apps like Slack or Dropbox. This guarantees cooperation with employees, customers, suppliers or consultants from any location. In addition, all team members can work together on documents, presentations and spreadsheets using the online document tools. The Gantt charts guarantee a comprehensive and detailed presentation of the schedule and progress of the individual project tasks. The 10-day trial version is free, after which you have to choose between four different packages. The premium package, which is the most popular, is available for 20 users for € 85 per month.

9. smartsheet

smartsheet is not a classic project management tool, but rather a solution for planning, tracking and automating work. Thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface, users can quickly configure, adapt and improve their work processes, which guarantees more agile work. Smartsheet attaches great importance to teamwork, through seamless sharing with all members, teams are brought together. In addition, team engagement is deepened through the clear assignment of accountability and insight into the context of the user’s work and status. Real-time transparency enables teams and processes that are running very well to be identified and the derived best practice to be shared.

10. Team leader

The all-in-one solution Teamleader is perfect for small and medium-sized companies. The Belgian start-up created a combination of typical components such as CRM system, project management software and invoicing. Support tickets are also integrated, Teamleader also automatically links each ticket to the correct contact in the CRM database. Projects are divided into milestones and tasks, users can be assigned different tasks, as soon as these have been completed, the project manager is notified. Users can see from the project list which projects are going well and which need more attention. With a more personalized Projectcloud platform, freelancers and customers can see the project status.


What is noticeable is that most developers attach great importance to design, individuality and easy operation, which saves long training periods. In addition, you can find Kanban boards again and again, the system is very simple to understand, two developers even mainly rely on Kanban boards. The decisive difference is made by the prices, while some tools are even free in the basic version, other tools are extremely expensive. We recommend that you compare the tools that are in your budget based on the various functions with your requirements.

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