5 Major News Media Failures You Shouldn’t Ignore


It’s no secret that the news media has been struggling in recent years. In fact, many journalists have even proclaimed that the industry is on the brink of extinction. But despite these challenges, there are still a number of news outlets that you should be paying attention to. So what are these five News Media Failures?

The Trump-Russia Investigation

The Trump-Russia investigation is one of the most important investigations happening right now. It’s important that you don’t ignore any major news media failures that could impact this investigation.

Some major news media failures that you should be aware of are the reports that Robert Mueller has removed James Comey from his position as FBI Director. This could have a major impact on the Trump-Russia investigation.

Another major news media failure is the revelation that Jared Kushner had multiple contacts with Russia during the presidential campaign. If Kushner is found to have committed any crimes related to these contacts, it could have a significant impact on the Trump-Russia investigation.

The Rise of the Far Right in America

One of the biggest news stories of the year has been the rise of the far right in America.

This rise has been documented by both major media outlets and academic studies. The far right has made significant gains in both political power and popularity over the past year.

The reasons for this rise are complex, but it is important to understand what is happening so that we can prevent it from continuing.

First, it is important to acknowledge that not all members of the far right are racist or homophobic. In fact, many of them are simply opposed to big government and want to reduce taxes and regulations.

Second, it is important to understand how social media is playing a role in this trend. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have allowed extremists to spread their message more easily than ever before.

Finally, we must understand how racism and xenophobia have become normalized in American society. Far-right rhetoric has been normalized by some mainstream news outlets, which has helped to promote it among the general public.

The Fallout from Mueller’s Report

The Mueller Report has been released and the fallout is far-reaching. Some people are angry, frustrated, and even scared.

The biggest failure of the major news media is their coverage of Mueller’s investigation. Their coverage was biased and wrong, and it caused a lot of damage.

First of all, the news media ignored the fact that Mueller had conflicts of interest. He was investigating Trump for reasons other than ensuring the safety of America. This created a conflict of interest, and it should have been reported.

Second, the news media created a frenzy over Russian interference in the election. However, there was no evidence that this interference had any impact on the vote. In fact, Mueller found that Trump won the election without help from Russia.

Third, the news media ignored evidence that Trump had committed crimes. For example, they didn’t report on Trump’s connections to Russia or his tax returns. This led many people to believe that Trump was innocent, which made it easier for him to win the election.

The major news media failed miserably in their coverage of Mueller’s investigation. If they had done their job correctly, he would never have been appointed and Trump would have been forced to answer forhis crimes.

The Destruction of Mosul

The news media has failed to give proper coverage to the disastrous events that have unfolded in Mosul over the past few weeks.

Since the Islamic State (IS) began their assault on the city in June, Mosul has been turned into a war zone. IS has quickly conquered most of the city, and they have been using it as a base to launch attacks on other parts of Iraq and Syria.

So far, the news media has largely ignored this story. This is unfortunate, because it is one of the most important stories of the year.

If left unchecked, IS could soon control all of Iraq and Syria. If that happens, it will be a major victory for the terrorist group. The news media owes it to its readers to cover this story fully and provide accurate information about what is happening in Mosul.

North Korea’s Latest missile launch

North Korea’s latest missile launch has captured the attention of the world media.

Some media outlets have reported that North Korea has successfully launched a new missile. However, this is not yet confirmed.

It is important to remember that it is still unclear whether or not North Korea actually launched a missile. Until we know for sure, it is important to be cautious in our reporting.

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