Find Affordable Luggage Storage Options in Lisbon With This Guide


Imagine you have flown into Lisbon, the capital of Portugal that also happens to be the largest city in the country, and your flight arrives really early. 

You have all kinds of luggage with you, and it is really cumbersome to try to move around fluidly with it all so that you can spend some time checking out the sights near the airport.

What is the point of flying into a beautiful foreign country if you aren’t able to maximize every last minute of it?  

With cobbled streets that stretch across the seven hills that Lisbon is built on, this is totally not the type of city that you want to carry your bags through for a few hours if you don’t have to.

In order to find an affordable and flexible option for short-term luggage storage, here are some choices you can consider. 

Luggage Storage Near Baixa Chiado 

For luggage storage in Lisbon that can be as close to where you are as you need it to be, your very first option is booking online through the Bounce app without having to race around the city, researching a ton of different places, and wasting your trip in the process. 

For example, let’s say that you happen to be near Baixa Chiado, the Lisbon Metro rapid transit service where the Blue and Green Lines connect, located under Rua Ivens between Baixa and Chiado.

You could simply book your luggage to be stored in one of these nearby locations to spend your time without lugging around bags: 

  • Praça Luís de Camões Storage Spot (Stationary Store)

            368 ft away

  • Baixa-Chiado Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            476 ft away

  • Bairro Alto Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            639 ft away

  • Church of Sao Roque Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            0.2 miles away

  • Santa Justa Lift Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            0.2 miles away

  • The National Museum of Contemporary Art Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            0.2 miles away

  • Elevador da Bica Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            0.3 miles away

  • Praça do Comércio Storage Spot (Travel Agency)

            0.4 miles away

  • Rossio Storage Spot (Retail Store)

            0.4 miles away

After making your selection based on its location and hours of operation, you can be done in under two minutes.

Booking should be made before you arrive with your belongings in case they get completely full at that location.

Once you are all booked and arrive, show your booking confirmation, and your luggage gets tagged and checked in. 

Trustworthiness is reinforced with a $10,000 Bounce Guarantee on each booking to prove that your belongings are protected. 

The low prices in Baixa Chiado area start at just €4 per 24h/bag. You can also find similar luggage storage facilities near other Lisbon landmarks such as Rossio, Palacio Belmonde, Belem Tower, and Martim Moniz. 

Luggage storage at Lisbon train stations 

According to Comboios de Portugal’s website, you can use coin-operated storage lockers at several Lisbon train stations, like Sete Rios, Cais do Sodré, Lisboa Oriente, Lisboa Santa Apolónia, and Rossio.

But the storage is only available for a maximum of 24 hours.

Luggage storage at Lisbon Airport 

Lisbon Airport’s baggage storage area can be found in the arrivals area, before security, and next to car park P2, which basically means that you will find it on the right-hand side of the airport. 

The facility is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and you can store items for as long as you like as you need them to. 

But be mindful that long-term storage means that you will pay for one day, and once you return, you will be charged for all the additional days/you pay for any additional days. 

Therefore, if you need luggage storage, but you are entirely sure how long you will be gone, their route could work. 

They even accept not baggage items that may be too big to bring around with you, such as bicycles and surfboards. 

Lisbon Oceanarium Luggage storage 

As the Lisbon Oceanarium is located near Lisbon Airport, a lot of people go there before or after heading to the airport. 

There are luggage storage facilities at the aquarium, and more information about them can be found on Lisbon Oceanarium’s website.

The luggage storage at Lisbon Oceanarium consists of 50 lockers for storing luggage and other items on Floor 0 of the Sea Building. 

The height isn47.5cm, the width is 30cm, and the depth is 46cm.

This will cost you one-euro coin to use a locker, which gets returned when the locker gets emptied. 

There are also 42 lockers available for storing luggage, and other items are available on Floor 0 of the Sea Building.

The measurements are bigger with these lockers, with the height being 62cm, the width being 35cm, and the depth being 59cm. 

There is also a required one-euro coin to use a locker, which gets returned when the locker is emptied.

If you’re traveling to Lisbon in Portugal, then there are some things to consider. So, unless you want to find yourself in a nightmare situation stuck with your suitcase, make sure to follow our tips.

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