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You must’ve heard of the phrase, “First impression is the last impression.”. So what must web designers do to create a first impression that instantly guarantees a ‘Wow’ reaction from their viewers? The answer is pretty straightforward: Keep up with the latest Web Design Trends.

However, before we get talking about the latest web design trends, let’s first get a basic idea about what a web design is afterall.  Web design essentially refers to the layout of a website that a web designer creates to provide an aesthetically pleasing experience to the users or visitors of that website.

Top web design companies experiment with everything from appearance, i.e., font, colors, sound effects to the content that captures the attention of the viewers. It can be elaborate or simple depending on the prevailing web design trends or preferences of the website owner.

Like all trends, the trends in web design also keep changing and evolving to accommodate the likes and dislikes of the general audience, sometimes bringing back old pieces that are considered classic to sometimes introducing a new aspect of advanced technology.

After analyzing the most awarded websites in the last year for their captivating web design, we have made a list of the top trends in web design that are currently dominating the industry. Let’s have a look at them below.

  • The Retro Touch

The ’90s were an era full of bold and beautiful colors, and designers have brought back that style in fashion and society to remind us of the happiness and freedom found in loud and bright colors.

Following this trend, web designers started to see the benefit of using bold colors to capture the attention of viewers and differentiate their websites. Bright colors bring about a feeling of happy times and good vibes, which audiences across the globe can associate with fun and unrestrained creativity.

Using bright and loud colors in combination with bold typography and gimmicky graphics can quickly summarize the content of your website as well. No need for a more complex introduction to your services or mission statement, just a well-phrased tagline would work best as the website header.

So go a little retro and transform a mundane design into a classy one.

  • Immersive Storytelling

It is known that stories tend to pull in the viewers deeper than any design technique. You can use various methods to portray the story that promotes your brand and its values. Through storytelling technique, you can visually immerse your audience and elicit a positive response from the audience as they further interact with your website content.

Sound effects can be used to add another dimension to the content on your website as they alleviate the connection the viewers form with your website. With the perfect story, visuals, and sound, you can beautifully relay any message you want to convey to your viewers while being engaging enough to create a lasting impression on them.

People tend to forget that successful marketing is a game of connecting the dots, storytelling.

  • Hero Text 

Big, Bold, Beautiful. In recent years, Hero text has become popular, with strong messages being spun into carefully crafted single sentences in different types of campaigns that immediately hit the target and capture the reader’s attention.

Picking up on this trend, web designers use hero text to add a hint of mystery and elegance to their website design that forces the viewers to engage with the website tools to explore the brand and its services further.

Framing your message in a handful of impactful words instantly impresses your viewers and peaks their interest in exploring the website. The best part about this trend is that these highlighted texts don’t have complicated words; they seem to be simple words that bring out more profound meanings.

These words can either be stationary paired with a retro or minimalist background or put into motion through shortstop animation.

  • Intricate Illustrations 

A picture is worth a thousand words. A rising trend amongst popular websites seems to be using intricate designs or detailed high-resolution images as background to make the viewers take a second look.

These images transform the ordinary nature of the content into extraordinary by being remarkable visual aids to tell a story or set the tone of the website. An excellent motive of this design is that it lets your imagination run wild.

The details of the intricate background or high-resolution photos immerse the viewers into curiosity for more. To know and to explore. This puts the context open to interpretation resulting in higher engagement and a lasting impact on the viewer’s memory.

The themes used in this style of illustration can be varied from hand-drawn illustrations, animations, and designs to collages of photographs. As they say, the devil is in the details, and it may only make you stand out more.

  • Playful Animation

Animating the contents of your website or the background illustrations adds a splash of playfulness to your website. People can associate it with positivity and explore your website with a positively biased mindset because it visually pleases them.

The audience knows what they can expect from hiring your services and what tone your brand projects. Apart from the positive and lively vibe, animation hints at your acceptance and commitment to technology. Through animation, you can delightfully present your content.

Let’s take the example of sites where scrolling is animated, and it engages your mind into taking in information at a faster pace and brings out a higher presence of mind while you are viewing said content.

All this ultimately results in higher engagement and immersion, and the brand stays in your mind for a more extended time than a mundane website.

To sum up these key trends, I would like to remind you that great ideas are rare to come by and even rarer to bring to life successfully. The trends mentioned in this article are excellent examples of how technology combined with creativity works as the best marketing technique.

To make the best of these trends, you must remember to stay updated about all the current and upcoming trends and utilize them in a combination that complements your content and presents it in a fun and engaging way in the form of your web design.

Author Bio:

Darren is a writer passionate about Technology, Business, and the evolving relationship between the two. He often tries to bring intriguing perspectives to otherwise familiar ideas, striving to help his audience reimagine the ever-changing tech landscape. He works as a blogger and content marketeer at GoodFirms—a leading review and rating platform built to help brands pick the right service providers for them.

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