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Mobile Marketing Trends: These Trends Will Affect Online Marketers 2021

Mobile Marketing Trends: From Vertical Feed to TikTok, Clubhouse and Influencer Marketing: In 2021, there will be many innovations in  ​​online marketing. How can you stay up-to-date as a marketer with all of this? What do customers want to see, what do they yearn for? And: Which mobile trends are worth following? 

This post will find out what marketers should be prepared for in 2021 and what the new mobile trends say about customer needs.

We also give you tips on how you can use new trends in a targeted manner in the interests of disruptive mobile marketing trends to set yourself apart from the crowd with your company.

How Will The Digital Landscape Change In 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped 2020 and will also be with us in 2021. The pandemic has had a catalytic effect in  ​​digitization, through which we are suddenly all digital and have to be.

Accordingly, there has been an increasing number of new online channels in recent months, an increasing number of video conferencing providers, tools such as Microsoft Teams updated with artificial intelligence (AI), and of course, the hit apps Clubhouse and TikTok.

For your digital company to stay up to date with all these developments, it is important to react quickly and creatively to these new opportunities. This strengthens your position as a market leader and helps to attract new target groups. In terms of disruptive mobile marketing trends, you set yourself apart from the competition with smartly chosen mobile offers and offer sustainable added value.

Mobile Marketing Trends In Influencer Marketing 2021

For many years, influencers have dominated digital mobile marketing. Anyone allowed to work with them could look forward to excellent sales figures and almost always guaranteed success.

Since 2020, however, we have no longer spoken of influencer marketing but rather of creator mobile marketing. So instead of influencing large crowds with beautiful, glittering posts, the focus is now on creating content and, in this way, offering real added value – which, of course, supports mobile marketing trends.

According to the “ Trend Forecast Creator Marketing 2021 ”, there are now many new developments in this area. In times of COVID-19, influencers can no longer convince with glamorous locations. Instead, the following ingredients are important:

  • Clarity And Attitude: Followers want moral and personal content on social media, especially in troubled times, clearly marked with a “No Bullshit” label. This also applies to the online presence of a company.
  • Story-Telling: We all want to escape lockdown. This works very well on social media through clever storytelling, which also contributes to brand building.
  • Added Value: This mantra also applies to content creation. Instead of placing monotonous and unoriginal advertising, you should attach importance to transparent content that is relevant and exciting.
  • Live Content: Fewer meetings in the analogue world mean we have been connecting online more than ever since spring 2020. With a virtual trade fair or with fun challenges, you can also digitally create community experiences, and this is particularly exciting live.
  • Shop Together: Classic online shopping is now offered everywhere. By offering a new kind of added value in the sense of disruptive mobile marketing trends, for example, by inviting your followers on a shopping spree or by presenting products live, you make the experience much more attractive.

Social Trend: Vertical Feeds Instead Of Horizontal Views
TikTok is one of the most popular apps in recent years. Countless funny videos, dance instructions and challenges circulate here and make everyday life a little happier. An important part of the app is vertical swiping up and down instead of left and right, as is the case with Instagram Stories.

According to reports, other media are now also considering allowing vertical scrolling. Reels already offers this. The idea behind this is that users can scroll like a feed, making it easier to use an app.

Clubhouse Clone For Facebook And Twitter

In addition to TikTok, Clubhouse, which has already been downloaded over 8 million times, has also been a winning app in recent months. In this audio-only app, celebrities from all areas and many other listeners meet to discuss current topics together.

This desire for lively conversations without a distracting video explains the success of Clubhouse and has also led to many other developments. For example, there are already competing apps in China, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

Also, rumours are circulating that Facebook and Twitter are planning a clubhouse clone to join the mobile trend.

Note: Not every app is suitable for every start-up! Before you download Clubhouse & Co. directly, you should analyze how you can offer your target group the best-added value.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Source: Tech Crunch

Clubhouse’s weekly download figures: The steep increase in downloads shows that Clubhouse is one of the most important mobile trends for 2021. 

What Do These Changes Mean For Brand And Customer Communication?

The app hype surrounding TikTok & Co. means that more and more apps are being downloaded. This results in an inspiring opportunity for social marketing because by intelligently linking your app with social media, you create an optimal sales funnel.

At the same time, there is a risk that apps will be downloaded many times but will rarely be used. It is all the more important in mobile app marketing to offer added value.

By linking your brand with your app and designing it in such a way that users receive added value – such as an online dressing room or the opportunity to try out various make-up products thanks to artificial intelligence – you guarantee that your app will not be in the Sinking disappears.

The following tips from Think with Google will give you an impression of what the mobile trends will mean for customer behaviour in 2021:

  • Apps play a bigger role than ever before.
  • Offer something special with your apps, such as the integration of virtual reality or artificial intelligence.
  • Offer your users a clear added value within the app, which they cannot find anywhere else, leading to them opening the app again and again.
  • Think about where customers can find your app – it doesn’t always have to be the App Store!
  • Work on making your app visible on different platforms.
Mobile Marketing Trends

Source: Think With Google

These strategies will help you to boost the use of your app.

Be it in the Clubhouse app, with a TikTok clone or in a company’s own app, and the Mobile Trend 2021 is clearly aimed at generating exciting content for the target group.

However, to achieve real added value, it is first of all important to understand the target group exactly and understand their digital customer journey.

In the online course on disruptive mobile marketing trends, you will learn how to open up new opportunities for your brand by identifying untapped potential and cleverly participating in social media trends. This is an essential skill, especially for digital business models.

Would you like to become a digital pioneer in customer communication? Then further training is a perfect choice to position yourself accordingly.

In our online course, you will learn more about “think mobile” and how you can inspire your customer’s thanks to online marketing trends. You can find more information about the course here.

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