5 Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes And How To Overcome Them
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5 Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes And How To Overcome Them


Everyone has to make a mistake in life. And, as fate would have it, the natural tendency to make mistakes extends to social network users as well. While this isn’t a big deal for a single user, brands, and social media marketers, it’s a whole new ball game. For them, making too many mistakes is a luxury that they should never afford as it would cost their business a lot.

With more than 2.77 billion people using social media today, it’s clear that social media marketing (SMM) has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies brands use to generate customers. Potential and increase traffic. Companies that don’t use social media are missing out on great opportunities to reach their target audience.

With that in mind, there are common and repetitive mistakes that keep popping up – mistakes that, if left unaddressed, can reduce traffic and leave business opportunities unexplored. Below are some of the most common social media marketing mistakes that marketers and businesses should absolutely avoid.

Don’t listen to your audience

In social media marketing, knowing your audience is one of the things marketers need to focus their energies on. Listening to them is another thing that needs to be mastered very well. The biggest mistake happens when your audience is speaking but you don’t hear them. You might see these notifications on your dashboard, but they represent only a small part of the total social dialogue that encompasses your business, service, industry, products, or competitors.

A study by brandwatch.com shows that 96% of people who talk about brands online don’t follow them on social media. Therefore, marketers and companies should look beyond their information channels when trying to reach more potential customers. There are some social media listening tools (like Awario, Agorapulse, TweetDeck, and Keyhole) that you can use to improve the conversation, which presents more opportunities for your brand. In addition, these tools offer other unique possibilities:

  • Analyze the market
  • Measure the potential interest in new products and lines
  • Highlight consumer demographics
  • Strengthen the brand’s values.
  • Track your company’s health.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Don’t create a social media marketing strategy

Just as you need to figure out your niche, product, and audience, it’s also important to determine your social media marketing strategy. You can’t post random articles on your timeline every day for new followers, likes, shares, and increased sales.

You need to be creative and think about the strategies that you need to follow in order to keep up with your competitors. Expanding organic reach over time has proven to be more difficult than ever for businesses. This is so because platforms like Facebook have turned into pay-per-play platforms.

This suggests that if companies want to generate interest and increase their audience, they need to do so by investing in advertising. It’s easier to track engagements with social media advertising. Hence, you need to set clear goals that define the success or failure of your campaign. How much do you want to spend on your ads? What is your target audience? As you ask yourself these questions, you can set these goals.

Have multiple social media accounts

Owning multiple social websites is a trend today. Companies usually have more than one account on different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook Instagram, all of which link to their main website. This is a common mistake among social media marketers because it confuses followers.

Remember, your audience and followers are not homogeneous. They are unique and expect unique content from you. Also, this technique of running multiple social media profiles can waste your valuable time and other resources. Instead, you need to focus your efforts in a direction that allows real people to follow your business.

In some cases, to improve ROI, you may need to close social media accounts that are not working or that are inconsistent with your business goals.

Lack of real value

A common danger to avoid is promoting your brand in this way rather than providing real value. While it is believed that the most intelligent use of social networks is solely for awareness, social network users primarily attract these platforms to participate and interact, not to buy or purchase products.

One of the ways to make sure you are delivering value is to mix up your ads by sharing other relevant and timely content. Create content that tends to answer a question or deliver a message that pertains to your audience. Content that is humorous, insightful, or pauses.

Additionally, creating content that can evoke emotions or reactions can generate more leads than direct sales messages.

Leave negative feedback without addressing

Most brands and social media marketers make lame excuses, especially when addressing negative comments on their social media accounts. Some even step out of the way or remove it while others apologize to correct the situation.

However, everyone fears that negative comments could ruin their reputation. This is one of the biggest risks you can take in social media marketing. Instead of apologizing, deleting, or ignoring negative comments, brands should use them as an opportunity to improve their services.

Therefore, companies should view these comments as a great opportunity to start conversations with the people who have left them. Because sometimes negative comments are honest opinions about the user experience with your service or product. Try to understand where the shortcomings are coming from and focus your energies on improving your weakness.

Like life’s mistakes, social media marketing mistakes are inevitable, but if repeated often they can cause long-term damage to your business. Hence, it is necessary to avoid all of these common disadvantages of social networking in order for brands to generate traffic and influence followers. If you watch out for these mistakes, you will have an advantage over more options than your competitors.

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