The 10 biggest power guzzlers in the household

The 10 biggest power guzzlers in the household


The ten worst power guzzlers in the household

We have compiled the 10 largest electricity consumers in the household. One or the other surprise is certainly in the top 10. We have put together further information on each point. But see for yourself …

1: Outdated heating pumps

Old heating pumps are the number one power guzzler. With an average annual consumption of 520 to 800 kilowatt hours, that amounts to up to 150 euros. Consumers should therefore part with models that are more than ten years old. The reason why old heating pumps consume so much electricity is that they circulate hot water for around 6,000 hours during the heat-intensive period, regardless of demand.

2: The electric stove

Those who like to cook and bake a lot also consume a lot of electricity each year. In a household with three people, around 445 kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed only for the electric stove. That makes around 85 euros.

However, if you take a few tricks to heart, you can still reduce the costs. This includes, for example, the use of high quality cookware and the right size of the pot. Switching off the stove before the cooking time and using the residual heat also saves you money.

3: The freezer

The use of freezers accounts for around 75 euros a year. That corresponds roughly to a consumption of 415 kilowatt hours per year. Although many devices correspond to the energy efficiency class A or A ++ and are therefore already considered energy savers, they occupy third place among the largest electricity consumers.

The fact that they are still among the devices with the highest power consumption is because they are never switched off. It is therefore all the more important to check your own usage behavior: Consumers should only open the door to the freezer briefly and take out what they want. Regular defrosting can also reduce costs, just like not placing the freezer next to a heater or stove, as these devices give off heat. The refrigerator then needs more energy to keep it cool.

4: refrigerators

Here, too, the annual consumption is an average of 330 kilowatt hours – calculated with a three-person household. Using the refrigerator costs around 63 euros on average. That is around ten percent of the annual accounts.

The high consumption is also due to the continuous operation of the device. Therefore, even before you open the refrigerator, think about what you want to take out and where it is stored in the refrigerator. If you don’t keep order, you waste a lot of time – and therefore money – searching. Even a device with low power consumption helps reduce costs.

5: lighting

The lighting devours a large chunk of the annual electricity costs. Statistics from Stiftung Warentest show that around 330 kilowatt hours are used for more brightness. As with the refrigerator, this also results in energy costs of around 63 euros.

But saving on lighting does not mean sitting in the dark. Converting to energy-saving lamps or LED lamps is advisable in any case – especially since conventional lightbulbs are no longer produced anyway. Energy-saving lamps only consume a fifth of the electricity that a conventional light bulb needs and last around ten times longer. LED lamps are even more economical.

6: clothes dryer

A three-person household has to calculate around 62 euros per year for the consumption of the tumble dryer – based on an average consumption of 325 kilowatt hours. This means that it is only slightly below that for the refrigerator and lighting. Apart from purchasing a device with a high energy efficiency class, your own usage behavior can also have a cost-saving effect. This includes operating the dryer only when it is fully loaded. Of course, it is best to let the laundry dry on the line.

7: dishwasher

The dishwasher occupies seventh place among the devices with the highest power consumption. The practical device consumes around 245 kilowatt hours of energy per year. This adds up to 47 euros in electricity costs. Here, too, the device should always be well filled before it is switched on.

Another cost factor for dishwashers can be not only electricity but also water consumption. This can be very different from device to device. Sometimes it fluctuates between nine and 18 liters per wash cycle, depending on the dishwasher. Therefore, you should pay attention to this when buying.

8: washing machines

A three-person household consumes around 200 kilowatt hours each year for washing. In cash that is around 38 euros. You can reduce consumption by using 60 degrees as the maximum washing temperature. 90 degrees are not necessary. For most consumers, it goes without saying that the device is well filled.

9: TV sets

In ninth place among the worst electricity consumers is the television. Around 190 kilowatt hours – or 36 euros – are used for three people on the power consumption for the TV. “No stand-by mode” is the motto for saving money in this area. So it’s best to completely disconnect the device from the mains after switching it off.

10: New heating pumps

While outdated heating pumps are considered to be the biggest power guzzlers, pumps with new technology have the lowest consumption. Old pumps consume up to 800 kilowatt hours a year, while new pumps only use 150 kilowatt hours. The costs are between eleven and 29 euros, while an old pump costs up to 150 euros. New models regulate their output according to demand and reduce it if necessary. In summer they turn off completely.

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