The 10 electric cars with the greatest range

The 10 electric cars with the greatest range


When buying an electric car, of course, the first question that arises is: How far can I get with it without having to stop charging? Range is still one of the most important selection criteria when it comes to buying an e-vehicle. The worry of having to stop and charge several times over longer distances prevents many from switching to an electric car. There are now numerous models that can easily cover hundreds of kilometers without a single stop. We have put together the top ten e-cars with the greatest range for you.

The interest in alternative drive options is increasing. The reason for this is not least an increased awareness of our environment and the desire to actively reduce one’s own CO2 emissions. The constant further development of the corresponding technology also supports this change. A lot has happened in the electromobility sector in recent years. The variety of models with pure electric motors or hybrid variants is growing incessantly and from small cars to SUVs, car manufacturers now really meet every taste and meet all needs.

Initial teething troubles have been eradicated thanks to intensive research and technological advances – including the big question of the range of e-cars. While it used to be the absolute exclusion criterion for many drivers, today it is little more than a lazy excuse for all those who want to stay true to diesel and gasoline. In terms of range, the latest electric cars are no longer inferior to combustion engines. And we want to reveal this much right from the start: When it comes to kilometers, Tesla is clearly one step ahead with its Model S and Model 3 !

The size is what matters 

If you want to use your electric car not only as a practical, small second car in the city, but also really want to make it a means of transport for all occasions, you cannot avoid a larger model. The SUVs and sedans among the electric vehicles have the necessary space for really large batteries with a corresponding range. So if you like the stylish upper-class giants among e-cars, you should definitely take a look at the Jaguar i-Pace or the Mercedes-Benz EQC in addition to the Tesla X. The two E-models from KIA are not exactly small either and have a corresponding range. Both the e-Niro and the e-Soul can manage around 450 kilometers in a row – at least under ideal conditions.

Many manufacturers also offer variants with batteries of different sizes for smaller models, such as VW with the new ID.3 . Its market launch is eagerly awaited, as it should cover up to 550 kilometers at a time with the appropriate battery.

Danger! Anyone who turns up the air conditioning fully, uses the windscreen wipers or switches on other consumers must expect a corresponding reduction in range. However, even in a vehicle with a combustion engine, all of these devices require a correspondingly large amount of fuel and make additional refueling stops necessary on longer journeys.

Long range, large battery, high CO2 emissions

What did you just say? No advantage without a disadvantage? Unfortunately, this also applies to batteries for a long range of e-cars. Their batteries not only require more raw materials such as lithium and cobalt, but also emit correspondingly more CO2 during their production. So before an electric vehicle with a long range really has a neutral CO2 balance , it must have been in use for a number of years.

Info: The ranges specified by the individual manufacturers are determined in the laboratory using the so-called WLTP process. The conditions for these tests are ideal. In normal traffic with all its influences, the distance that you can cover with a single charge is of course somewhat reduced.

So if you decide to switch to electric drive, you should first ask yourself one question: How long does the range of my electric car actually have to be? If you regularly cover long distances, you of course need the right battery. However, if long motorway journeys are the exception, a slightly smaller variant may be sufficient. Do you not have your own charging facility? At home, but you definitely want to drive electrically, you will have more fun with a larger battery. This allows you to better plan charging at public stations and does not have to spend as much time on it. And because a large battery makes the electric car even more enjoyable, it will definitely be used for a long time. This means that the CO2 balance is back in the green anyway.

The top ten – e-cars with the greatest range

But now we don’t want to keep you tortured anymore and finally get out of the way. So here they come, the ten longest range electric vehicles!

1st place: Tesla Model S 

It’s not really a surprise, after all, Tesla is considered an absolute pioneer when it comes to electromobility. That is why the Model S is clearly in first place when it comes to getting as far as possible without stopping. Incredible 610 kilometers in a row are possible with it – no electric car will get you further!

2nd place: Tesla Model 3

With a considerable distance and a still impressive range of 530 kilometers, the Model 3 ranks second behind its brother. The all-wheel drive with dual motor ensures unadulterated driving pleasure in any weather, the construction of the car ensures appropriate safety.

3rd place: Opel Ampera-e

Tesla again? By no means! Third place, and thus bronze, was won by none other than an Opel. But we shouldn’t be surprised by this, after all, people have long since brushed the dust of old clichés off their shoulders. The Rüsselsheim-based company clearly proves this and presents itself from a particularly high-energy side with the new Ampera-e. With a range of 520 kilometers and a pleasant amount of space for five people, owners can rightly be proud of their electric Opel.

4th place: Tesla Model X

Long range and lots of space! With this combination, the Model X from Tesla is convincing. You can transport a total of seven people 507 kilometers without having to stop charging. Thanks to this amazing storage space, the Model X is particularly popular with families . And of course the double doors are really cool too!

5th place: Tesla Model Y

Model Y is also optionally available with seven seats. Due to its more compact size, it only quickly becomes a bit narrower. In terms of range, however, it is hardly inferior to the larger Model X and manages a maximum of 505 kilometers.

6th place: Hyundai Kona Electric

Even if the Asian car manufacturers have a lot of experience in the field of electric and hybrid drives, the first model from the Far East only made it to sixth place in our range ranking next to the strong competition. With its 484 kilometers, the Hyundai Kona Elektro is at the forefront when it comes to covering the longest possible distances.

7th place: Mercedes-Benz EQC

The Mercedes-Benz EQC just manages to do it. But with a lead of one kilometer and a range of 471 kilometers, it secures seventh place and thus ranks ahead of the British competition. If you don’t want to do without that certain upper-class feeling electrically, you’ve come to the right place.

8th place: Jaguar i-Pace

The big cat among the e-cars took seventh place. The Jaguar i-Pace shows how to fight your way through the urban jungle with flexibility and style and covers 470 kilometers in one go.

9th place: Kia e-Niro

The electric crossover Kia e-Niro not only offers a lot of space and a lot of assistance systems, it also impresses with a whopping 455 kilometers in one go. The Koreans have clearly earned a place on our list!

10th place: Kia e-Soul

Yes, they are almost on par, the two E-models from Kia. With only three kilometers less, the e-Soul has to be content with tenth place, but it really doesn’t cut a bad figure here. The compact SUV with a range of 452 kilometers is perfect for the city as well as for longer motorway journeys.

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