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In Diablo 3, the Necromancer returns as a class with the “Rise of the Necromancer Pack” 2017, not only for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls but also for the Ultimate Evil Edition of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In this guide to the necromancer class, you will learn everything about the skills, the game style, the story, and possible Necromancer builds.

Attention: Not to mention, this guide is a work in progress and will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. So check it out more often!

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Quick Info
Warning: The Diablo 3 Necromancer character class was announced by Blizzard on November 4th, 2016, at the BlizzCon exhibition. At this point, the developers are still working on the summoner class, and not all facts about the Necromancer in Diablo 3 are known or final!

Quick facts about the Necromancer in Diablo 3

  • The Necromancer will find its way into the game as a class as part of a ” Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Pack “.
  • Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer will be released in 2017
  • The price for the purchase of the pack with the necromancer character has not yet been determined.
  • This pack requires Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (PC) or Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition. Accordingly, only players who own Diablo 3 for PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox One will be able to enjoy the necromancer class. PS3 and Xbox 360 are naturally no longer supplied with updates.
  • The Rise of the Necromancer Pack includes the Necromancer class, two additional character slots, two chest compartments (PC only). A pet companion, a banner, and a portrait frame.
  •  Necromancer will also be available as a female necromancer.
  • Again, the developers plan to make the Necromancer in Diablo 3 largely similar to the corpse summoner in Diablo 2 in terms of its skills and items.
  • There will be special class sets for the Necromancer in Diablo 3 and also other legendary items. The scythe can only be wielded in the right hand by the necromancer class.
  •  Actually, Necromancer characters are entirely new. The necromancers in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls can therefore neither be compared with the Necromancer from Diablo 2 than with Xul from Heroes of the Storm.
  • The Necromancer should differ from the witch doctor class in Diablo 3 in terms of both philosophy and play.


As soon as the Necromancer is available as a class in Diablo 3, you will find the best builds for the Necromancer based on the respective Diablo 3 patches in this chapter. Mostly, until the release of the Rise of the Necromancer Packs – or until the test on the Public Test Realm (PTR) – builds will be found here.


The best Diablo 3 Necromancer builds.

-Diablo 3 Necromancer Build: Skeleton Mage with Rathma and Jesseth Set

The Diablo 3 Necromancer Skeleton Pet Build

This Diablo 3 Necromancer Build: Bone Storm with Inarius Set

Diablo 3 Necromancer Build: Corpse Explosion with Inarius Set

The Diablo 3 Necromancer Build: Carcass Lance with Trag Oul Set Diablo 3 Necromancer LoN Build


Active skills

In this paragraph, all active necromancer skills from Diablo 3 that can use in a skill can be found here. Each active skill has five runes. The 21  skills are primary, secondary, corpses, reanimation, curses, blood, and bones. 

Active necromancer skills in Diablo 3

Necromancer Skill name – Bone spines

Skill description–  Primary

Generates: 24 essence

Bone spikes burst out of the ground, dealing 150% weapon damage as Physical per second.

RunesParalyzing stings bone piles Frost spines bone path blood spines.


Necromancer Skill name-Bone spear

Skill description Secondary

Cost: 20 essence

Summons a piercing projectile that deals 500% weapon damage as Physical to all enemies it hits.

Runes– Contaminated marrow teeth crystallization splintering blood spear.

Necromancer Skill name-Death scythe

Skill description-Primary

Generates: 12 essences per enemy hit

Swing a summoned Scythe in front of you, dealing 150% weapon damage as Physical.

Runes– Beheading twin scythes Cursed scythe Frost scythe Blood scythe

Necromancer Skill name-Corpse explosion. 

Skill description– Corpses

Detonate up to 5 corpses in an 11-meter target area, inflicting 350% weapon damage as physical damage to enemies within 20 meters.

Runes– Bloody seriousness Eerie closeness Shrapnel Cold of death Last embrace.

Necromancer Skill name-Skeleton mage Secondary

Skill descriptionSecondary

Cost: 40 essence

It awakens a skeleton that rises from the ground and attacks your opponents. The skeleton deals 400% weapon damage as physical damage over two strikes and lasts for 2 seconds.

RunesGift of Death Contagion Skeletal Archer Singularity Life Transfer.

Necromancer Skill name-Carcass lance corpses

Targets an enemy and creates projectiles from nearby corpses, dealing 1750% weapon damage as Physical.

Runes– Shredding splinter grueling touch ricochet Bloody balancing blood lance.

Necromancer Skill name- Command skeletons resuscitation

Skill-Description– Cost: 50 essence

Active: Order your Skeleton Servants to attack a target. The skeletons do 50% more damage to this target.

Passive: Awakens skeletons that rise from the earth every 2 seconds (maximum 7). Skeletal servants deal 50% weapon damage as physical damage per successful attack.

The Runes– Enforcer Frenzy Dark Cure Freezing Grip Murder Warrant

Necromancer Skill name- Suck blood

Skill Description: Primary

Generates: 15 Essence each time damage is dealt

It sucks the blood out of the targeted enemy and inflicts 300% weapon damage as physical damage.

While Sucking blood is channeled, you are healed for 2% of your maximum Life every second.

Runes-Healing pull Blood loss Powershift Pure essence Deprivation of life

Necromancer Skill name-Death Nova 

Skill description– Secondary

Cost: 20 essence

Unleashes a nova that deals 350% weapon damage as Poison to all enemies within 25 yards.

Skill-description– Unstable connection tentacle nova plague bone nova blood nova.

Necromancer Skill name-Command the golem

Skill Description– resuscitation

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Active: orders the golem to its destination, where it dissolves into a pile of corpses with five usable corpses.

Passive: Bring a meat golem to Life to fight for you. The Flesh Golem deals 450% weapon damage as physical damage per attack.

Runes– Meat Golem Ice Golem Bone Golem Decay GolemBlood Golem

Necromancer Skill name- Aging

Skill description– curses

Cost: 10 essence

A crippling curse that reduces enemies’ movement speed by 75%. And their damage by 30% lasts 30 seconds.

Runes– Feelings of dizziness, exhaustion, opportunist, wasted time

Necromancer Skill Name- Devour

Skill description-corpses

Devour corpses within 60 yards to restore ten essences per corpse.

Runes– Saturated Unscrupulous Devouring Aura Greedy Cannibalistic

Necromancer Skill name- Leech curse

Skill description– curses

Cost: 10 essence

Placed a curse on the target area. Successful attacks against cursed enemies heal the attacker for 2% of their maximum health lasts 30 seconds.

RunesContagion Osmosis Blood Vial Final Bloodletting Damn floor

Necromancer Skill name- Bone armor

Skill description-Blood and bones

Cost: 10 essence

Cooldown: 10 sec.

Rip out the bones of nearby enemies, taking 125% weapon damage as Physical. Turn the bones into armor that reduces damage taken by 3% per enemy hit, up to a maximum of 10 enemies, lasts 60 seconds.

Runes– Vengeful armor contortion limited immunity agonizing harvest bones strengthening

Necromancer Skill name- Army of the Dead

Skill description – resuscitation

Cooldown: 120 sec.

Raise an army of skeletons that attack the target location. Meanwhile, the skeletons deal 12000% weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 15 yards.

Runes– Toxic Grip Death Valley Unconventional Warfare Frozen Army Death Storm

Necromancer Skill name- Frailty

Skill description -curses

Cost– 10 Essence

Firstly, a weakened curse that kills enemies with less than 15% of their maximum health lasts 30 seconds.

Runes– Blood smell Instability Aura of frailty Cycle of essence An early grave

Necromancer Skill name- Reanimate

Skill description -corpses

Targets an area and reanimates up to 10 corpses within a radius of 20 meters. And lasts 15 seconds.

Runes– Bodyguard Eerie ReturnPurgatory.Blind Fury.Ritual Sacrifice

Necromancer Skill name- Bone spirit

Skill description– Blood and bones

Primarily, sends a Bony Spirit to chase enemies, importantly, dealing 4000% weapon ravage as Physical on jolt.

Moreover, you get a charge every 15 seconds and can have up to 3 charges. The recharge time is reduced by 1 second for each corpse devoured.

Runes-Astral projection Panic attack Poltergeist Open account Obsession

Necromancer Skill name- Bloody paths

Skill description-Blood and bones

Cost: 5%

Health Cooldown: 5 sec.

Get rid of your mortal shell and reappear up to 50 meters away.

Runes– Power of Blood transfusion mortal remains hemostasis metabolism

Necromancer Skill name: Land of the dead

Skill description-resuscitation

Cooldown: 120 sec.

Firstly, here, you can use all corpse-based skills any number of times for 10 seconds.

Runes– Most importantly, Frozen Land Plaguelands Urgent Burial Strengthening Land of Abundance

Necromancer Skill name-Simulacrum

Skill description– Blood and bones

Cost: 25%

Health Cooldown: 120 sec.

Hereby, create a simulacrum of blood that duplicates your secondary skills for 15 sec.

Runes– Curse shape reservoir sacrificial bloodshed blood and bone



The Passive necromancer skills in Diablo 3

Skill name- Funeral feast

Skill description– Nevertheless, when devouring a corpse, there is an additional 20% chance of a healing ball appearing.

The Skill name- Powerful death

Skill description-When devouring a corpse, your movement speed increases by 3% for 5 seconds. This effect can be mutilated up to 10 times.

Skill name- Loner

Skill description-Increases your armor by 100%. Each active servant reduces this bonus by 10%.

Skill-name-Bone prison

Skill description-Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, and Bone Spikes contain a 30% chance to lock enemies in a bone prison for 3 seconds.

Skill name-Rapid harvest

Skill description-Increases the attack speed of Bone Spikes, Suck Blood, and Death Scythe by 15%.

Skill-name-Leader of the Living Dead

Skill description-Command Skeletons essence cost and Command Golem cooldown are reduced by 30%.

Skill name-Prolonged bondage

Skill description-Increases the duration of your Skeleton Mage or Reanimate Minions by 25%.

Skill name-Rigor Mortis

Skill description-Poison skills also slow enemies hit by 30% for 5 seconds and reduce their attack speed by 30%.

Skill name-Overwhelming essence

Skill description-Increases the maximum essence by 40.

Skill name-Dark harvest

Skill description-When wielding a scythe, additionally, you gain 2% essence. Life per enemy killed.

Skill name-Growing corruption

Skill description: You receive a damage bonus of 1% for every opponent covered with one of your curses.

Skill name-Eternal torments

Skill description-Your curses cost 50% less essence and last indefinitely.

Skill name-Last service

Skill description-When you take fatal damage. You become immune to all damage for 4 seconds instead. In addition, all destroyed servants and heal you for 10% of your Life. Moreover, this effect can only take place once after every 60 seconds.

Skill name-Horrible tribute

Skill description-If your servants hit an enemy, you are healed for 10% of your Life per hit.

Skill name-Deprive life

Skill description-Increases life regeneration for every enemy within 20 yards by 10%.

Skill name-Tooth-reinforced

Skill description-First, Bone Spikes, Bone Spear, and Bone Spirit deal 1% more damage for every 1.5 meters between you and the target, up to a maximum of 20%.

Skill name-Forbidden creation

Skill description-Your servants receive 200% of your thorn damage.

Skill name-Blood for blood

Skill description-Picking up a healing ball will save the cost of living your next blood spell. However, the deformation effect can be up to 10 times.

Skill name-Blood is power.

Skill description-After you have lost a total of 100% of your maximum. Life, all skill cooldowns are reduced by 20%. However, the effect can only reduce the cooldown of each skill once.

Skill name-Rathma’s shield

Skill description-You cannot lose a life for 4 seconds after using ‘Land of the Dead,’ ‘Army of the Dead,’ or ‘Simulacrum.’

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